Team eartmasQ

Welcome to eartmasQ, where we don’t normalize what isn’t normal…

We are a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, experienced in inventing and providing solutions.

By striving for our motto ‘Keep It Simple’, we have been able to develop, produce, and lead many different projects during the last decade.

Our team designed the eartmasQ for YOU.

Those who have had to close their businesses.
Those who were denied entrance at funerals.
Those who were not allowed to visit their loved ones.
Those who can no longer take staying at home in isolation.

No longer just a thing of science-fiction, pandemics and chemical disasters are the reason eartmasQ now exists.

eartmasQ is a financially inclusive solution, available for everyone.
eartmasQ is a sustainable solution, compared to all the pollution caused by disposable masks.
eartmasQ offers two-way protection, protecting yourself by staying on the inside, and protecting everyone around you from anything you may bear.

If you cannot go out, stay in!

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